Photo albums

A picture is worth a thousand words—so please take a look at my photo albums to learn more about what our local host families and au pairs are up to during the year.
Au Pairs braved the heat for a Taste of Chicago


This past weekend the au pairs of Elmhurst braved the 90 plus degree weather to get a sampling of Chicago cuisine at the 2012 Taste of Chicago festival. We took a cool break by Buckingham fountain and the jazz tent first.

Au pairs admire art of Elmhurst


This past Friday the au pairs enjoyed a meeting close to home,admiring the artwork at the Elmhurst Art museum and having a lovely dinner at Wok n’ Fire to welcome our newest additions to the au pair population, Andrea & Angela (from Columbia) and Linda (from France) and to say […]

Kids First Fundraiser 2K Halloween Walk


Several of Elmhurst’s au pairs about halfway through the walk. They needed to stop and fuel up with candy. Quite a few host families got in to the spirit and joined us. These two coordinated! Thanks Amy Jarjusey for planning this event and making it go so smoothly!

Millenium Park Scavenger hunt au pair meeting Sept. 17th


200 or so au pairs from Cultural Care turned out last weekend to embark on the annual scavenger hunt in Millenium Park. Although we didn’t win any prizes, my au pairs were treated with my favorite cookies from Caputos and lots of social time. We say goodby this month to […]

Au Pair of the Month Interview with Paula Munoz


(Paula with her host parents Wendy & Doug Hurst) There are currently over a dozen au pairs living amongst us in Elmhurst, caring for our local children and absorbing the American way of life. They come from places as far away as Australia and as nearby as Mexico. They take […]

Chicagoland au pair soccer tournament!


For our June meeting we got together with a bunch of other Cultural Care au pairs from Chicago and all the suburbs to play soccer. It was amazing to see how many people there are in our area. I stopped counting at 100. Here are some pictures of the au […]

Bellydancing au pairs in Elmhurst at April 21st meeting


Au pairs from many nations (and a few of us moms) got together tonight to be introduced to the art of bellydancing by Lori Upchurch at the Elmhurst library. After some stretching and core exercises we all learned the basics and had a really fun time, especially when the veils […]

International Festival Au Pair Meeting 2/13/2011


The February au pair meeting for the Elmhurst/Lombard au pairs included two new recruits who fit right in with the other au pairs. There were plenty of cultural dances, foods and crafts going on and a few host families took the opportunity to check out the fun. Thanks to everyone […]