Native English speakers are au pairs too

Do you know you can have a native English speaking au pair? This year an Australian au pair joined my group of au pairs and reminded me that it is nice to have a native English speaker in the house sometimes too. Although the host families agree that their children learning a second language is one of the great benefits to having an au pair, there are also benefits to having one who speaks your language as well or maybe even better than you do!

1. You have a newborn. Newborn babies speak an international language of adorable and for new parents the reassurance that their infant’s needs will be met by someone who understood their parents’ every word from day one of her arrival is comforting. Although all of our au pairs meet or exceed English comprehension levels, the concept of your infant learning a second language so early in his or her life might not be a big factor in your selecting an au pair the first year, so it opens up the pool of available au pairs to include native and non-native speakers.

2. They still have plenty of culture to exchange. Au pairs from the UK and Australia have interesting holiday traditions, recipes and sayings just like other au pairs.

3. Homework help will be even clearer when pronounced with a British or Australian accent!

Enjoy Katelynn from Australia’s introductory video.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013 2:16 PM


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